The new trend is micro restaurants, the new concept created in a few square meters, with super-equipped kitchens, a few tables but with great attention to detail and service, specialized menus and an intimate and particular atmosphere.

The trend comes from the United States: in New York, micro-restaurants that present one or two specialties are registering customer and turnover success.

They are, in fact, the ideal choice for candlelit dinners, among a few friends or in any case for those looking for a quiet but high-quality evening.

The strategy behind micro restaurants is:

• intensive use of spaces

• risk minimization

• revenue maximization

• specialization of the proposed menu

CASE STUDY: “Pane e Olio” in Mons, Belgium

An example of a successful micro restaurant is “Pane & Olio”, in Mons, Belgium: less than 60 square meters, 14 seats, open kitchen, relationship with the customers and product quality.

The Italian chef Angelo Galasso, who settled in Belgium in 2005, wanted to create a gastronomic experience in an old garage, which voluntarily differed from the “classic” restaurant idea, so that people would discover the ingredients of the Lucanian tradition, in an intimate and friendly atmosphere. 
A forward-looking idea, perhaps even a little “crazy”, but very successful.

The proposed menu aims to enhance the flavors of southern Italy’s gastronomy and, for this reason, it is elaborated several times a month.

Changing the menu every week – explains chef Galasso – guarantees maximum freshness and the selection of the best products available on the market. 
Angelo, in fact, works closely with local producers and uses the typical products of the Mediterranean culture, which are not so easy to find.

The micro restaurant also avoids stockpiles and food waste. Elements that cannot be underestimated in a green economy era, in which all diets have an impact of almost 30% on the environment.

It is precisely to highlight all these small details that in Pane & Olio, the kitchen is in the dining room: from every table you can observe the chef struggling with their dishes, living an experience through taste, discovering a new restaurant concept.

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